Assassin's Creed Origins [Combat and Arena Deep Dive]

Discussion in 'Third Person Mayhem.' started by ArucarD, Aug 13, 2017.

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    I am not a fan in general of this franchise even though I own all of the games. The last one I enjoyed the combat to and the mechanics to was Black Flag. What I am a fan of is history and what it presents when showcased in such a way. Take some form of a truth, create a story and intertwine destiny's and I am pretty much sold on the concept as long as it is not a pile of shit. I genuinely wish to play this game and will, considering in the time period it takes place. I have not watched a video in full, not even the one I just linked, due to not wishing for anything major to be spoiled.

    But I do not wish to go in blind either. Too long has Ubisoft had it's shitty track record with major releases and with this franchise it has been a black eye for some time. Now here we go again. New year, new release and I am getting hyped for another Ubisoft project. Fuck my life.

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