The International [2017 DotA 2]

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    Has all the information required for those whom know or wish to learn the results. I know absolutely nothing about MOBA's in general, but I do wish to see the grand final just due to the sheer fact it is $10+ Million in prize money for first. That is a hell of an incentive towards any professional gamer, let alone those whom play as long as they do and grind as much as they can for this. Great, now I feel I must watch even though I will not be understanding a fucking thing going on.

    Some important things to note :
    Peak viewers
    Data about number of viewers is based on information from Esports Charts[7]:

    • The tournament's Overall peak was 10 935 730 viewers
    • The tournament's peak Without Chinese viewers was 921 283 viewers
    • English streams peak was 514 766 viewers
    • Russian streams peak was 362 031 viewers
    • Chinese streams peak was 10 051 879 viewers
    • peak was 815 370 viewers

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