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    I briefly stopped the camera at a certain suitcase in the video showing my den...

    Well, there's no spy stuff or anything secret...

    Just my custom suitcase made for my Baikal IZH-46m target air-pistol.

    The grip is delivered very coarse and uncomfortable, but is made to be adjusted by sanding and profiling it to the users hand. I just used a dremel-type tool to form it, sanded it ... I cut off the lower half of the handrest and glued a piece of leather on the top of it. I then coated it with a wax called Renaissance Wax. Not shown in the pictures is how I use plasticine to further adjust the grip to fit my hand perfectly. When I pick up the pistol and aim, I don't have to do any adjustments to my wrist left or right to align the sights, only up and down.

    It is a competiton pistol, but rarely if ever seen in any olympics, since they use ligher pistols made out of aluminum (usually by Steyr) and they use prefilled air instead of a compression cylinder which mine uses. Accuracy however is on par and the pistol is fully usable in any high level competition. At 1/4th the cost, or thereabouts...

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